Policy Advocacy

Developing a conducive policy environment for Africa’s digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem

Our Why
We believe that regulations should match the pace of innovation and globalization. In order to create visible impact,  government interventions are needed to address the regulatory hurdles faced by the digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through our policy programs, we work to create a favorable policy environment for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Programs
Ecosystem Dialogue Series (EDS)

EDS Reports
The Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nigeria report looks into the components of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and identifies policy recommendations to improve the ecosystem.
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Our Policy Focal Areas

Public Procurement
The Public Procurement Policy initiative seeks to advocate for the establishment of separate and inclusive procurement guidelines for Startups. This policy will enhance:
  • Promotion of economic growth through public procurement services.
  • Creation of more jobs 
  • Development of Nigeria’s economy.

Tax Incentives
The Tax Incentive Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for an affordable tax rate and to also fast-track the process for obtaining pioneer status by Startups. Inclusive Pioneer Status guidelines for Startups will:
  • Improved business operations of startups.
  • Additional funds for startups to improve cash flow.
  • Relieve the operational burden and reserve cash for business development

Access to Finance
The Access to Finance Policy Initiative desires to proffer solutions to the limitations that Startups in Nigeria faces with regard to access to finance by promoting adoption of a “Public fund of Fund Approach” which will improve:
  • Access to early funding to pursue business ideas.
  • Increase in investment versability.

ICT (Hub)Infrastructure
The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative advocates for the need to alleviate infrastructural constraints(slow internet-connectivity, high electricity generation) faced by Startups. The Hub Infrastructure Policy Initiative will relieve Startups from such constraints that stifle their operations as well as their growth. This would invariably lead to the economic growth of the Country.

Digital Literacy
The Digital Literacy Policy Initiative seeks to promote digital literacy by proposing vocational programs on computer and technical skills to meet increasing market demands. This initiative would enhance technical skill development amongst Nigeria’s growing population which would invariably promote entrepreneurship in the country.

Digital Policy
The Digital Policy Initiative seeks to advocate for the need to implore AI technologies in key sectors of Nigeria’s economy, starting with the Financial Services Industry. This initiative will enhance poverty alleviation, for ensuring effective and efficient public service delivery as well as promote economic growth.

University-Industry Collaboration

The University-Industry Collaboration Policy Initiative seeks to strengthen innovation and research commercialization capabilities of leading Universities by providing research based funding. This initiative allows for the creation of incubators at Universities which would inspire student entrepreneurship as well as promote Nigeria’s economy.

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