Press Releases

Press Releases

Ekiti State Government and Ventures Platform Partner to Strengthen Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ekiti

Abuja, *20 January 2020* The Ekiti State Government and Ventures Platform (VP) have launched a partnership to design and implement Digital Ekiti- a program that will strengthen youth innovation and entrepreneurship in Ekiti State. 

Through the program, both parties will work to catalyze increased economic productivity, new employment, and wealth-creation in Ekiti State by developing youth capacity in innovation, digital technology, and entrepreneurship, as well as provide diverse forms of support for nascent enterprises across the state.

Ventures Platform (VP) is an organization that works to empower Africa’s youth by catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurship- serving as a platform that connects and supports Africa’s innovators and entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve exponential growth. 

In the last three years, VP has provided funding and mentorship to over 170 African startups as well as supported over 40,000 entrepreneurs through capacity-building training. This new partnership is part of the organization’s strategy to increasingly target entrepreneurs and innovators in under-served places and sectors.

“At Ventures Platform, we are always seeking to work with diverse actors to develop programs that unlock the potential of sectors and create a vast number of jobs,” said Mimshach Obioha, Executive Director, Ventures Platform Foundation. “ This partnership with the Ekiti State Government serves as an avenue to create opportunities for youth and catalyse innovation in different sectors across Ekiti State”.

The Digital Ekiti program will work with various local stakeholders including hubs, tertiary education institutions, and relevant government agencies to strengthen the foundations of financial capital, skilled talent, networks, ICT Infrastructure and regulations which are the building blocks of innovation and enterprise ecosystems.

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